Monday, 3 May 2010

XBIR (XBox 'Indie' Reviews) Intro.

Over the next n days (where n is the number of days that it happens to take), I shall review all the XBox Indie games.

This is largely for my own benefit. Along the way, I may discover small traits - easy to add in development - that make an average game great by their presence or vice versa. I may learn a little about the state of that market. I will almost certainly have some fun.

Though I may choose to buy some of these games, I will base these reviews on nothing more than the trials. In a sense, for the multi-level games, this could be considered a review of first impressions; the opening minutes.

These reviews will not have a score but I plan to summarise, then pick a few good traits and a few bad. I plan to then write however much I choose, going off on a tangent if I so wish. Bear in mind that I will not mention everything. These 'reviews' are not intended to be purchasing guides for anyone other than myself. However, if anyone else finds them:
a) enjoyable to read
b) useful
c) so horrible to read that they post comments or send me e-mails, which later make me laugh
then the benefits publishing them online will have surpassed my expecations .


Darthuvius said...

Why don't you try nebulon, there's something about it that is good.

Behrooz 'Bezman' Shahriari said...

Thanks for the tip!

I'm planning to 'review' them all in alphabetic order, though (the easiest way I can see to ensure I don't miss any) so I'm sure I'll get to it... in time. :-)

Although there are nearly 1000 offerings now. Almost daunting.