Monday, 3 May 2010

XBIR: 15 Puzzle

The puzzle you'd expect. Many pictures of sunny holiday scenes and sunsets. 5 options for puzzle size (the first four including numbers that tell you where a piece goes; the last taking away said numbers).

I was really impressed with the production values in the photographs, skippable shuffling animation, fireworks...

I appreciate how the numbers are something that you couldn't do with the 'traditional' puzzle - on the computer, you can simply have them fade away.

I would have liked to do a really big puzzle WITH the numbers. It'd have been little work to have a 'custom' option that let you set grid size and the numbers' presence separately.

Even then though, I doubt I would play it more than once or twice.

LESSON: Sometimes, people complain about things that aren't actually their main gripe. I think that really this game's main downfall is that the technique for solving the puzzles never really changes and it doesn't benefit very much from the computer format. Other than space, I suppose.

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