Wednesday, 5 May 2010

XBIR: 2060 Cyber Racer

A racing game with no opponents (focusing exclusively on time trial and a single ghost for each track), extreme banks, 3 tracks and 3 loops.

Distinctive, non-realistic art direction. Black objects with green writing scrolling on them give the vague impression of something from Tron or the Matrix. Though the silhouettes are sometimes visually striking - specially the wind turbines - the limited palette helps keep the background in the background and makes for minimal distractions.
The whole game is oddly relaxing. Maybe because of the generally muted sounds, lack of competition (racing against a ghost) and sensitive controls. Unlike most racing games, I found myself forced to have a certain delicacy whenever touching the analogue stick. Thanks to the poor times on the starting highscore list, it's easy to start racing against yourself.
Poor feedback and explanation. We're never told explicitly that we've just attained a record time. The flow of the game itself (racing 3 laps, then being told the rank of your best time and being sent to the track selection screen) was confusing and it took a few games until I realised what was going on. Anyway, why not let us race indefinitely?

I greatly enjoyed this, expiring the demo time 5 or 6 times. I think I'm pretty much done for just now, though.

Maybe we need more heavily-stylised graphics in games? Specially 3D games.

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