Monday, 3 May 2010

XBIR: 10 Seconds or less

This is a game I want to love but can't; simple, interesting idea but poor execution.

Unique rules (find the fragment of a picture that matches the fragment shown).
Tests visual recognition. Other than Spot the Difference, I can't think of any other games that do.

There is no thought put into having consistency in difficulty between - or even within - pictures. A picture with 6 differently coloured squares would test no-one but the colourblind. A fragment could either be a clear portion of a shape or an indistinct part of an out-of-focus background.

I found the picture with green peppers an interesting challenge - having to distinguish identically hued shapes that ARE (barely) distinguishable.

Lesson: even if all your 'game design' seems to involve is making pictures, there's probably still a lot to think about.

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