Monday, 10 May 2010

XBIR: A Bomb's Way

A platformer. Collect objects in each stage whilst avoiding enemies to progress. Collect objects in a certain order for bonus points. The world can be rotated into one of 4 orientations.

Rotating the world is an unusual ability. It's always empowering to be able to do things in a virtual environment that you can't in real life, whether it be rewinding time, jumping 20metres or rotating the world. Though the ability isn't used to create puzzles, it is used to turn the single-screen levels into a more interesting playground, with more possible paths to take.

Random movement. I don't think the RNG is needed in this game. There were certainly times when a flying critter just lurked around a group of objects, rendering them unattainable, until the timer ran out.

Attained a score of 2,200ish once I finally understood how we're meant to know the 'correct' order in which to collect items. I enjoyed it and would have bought it if it wasn't for the random enemy movement. That just caused loads of frustration.

Don't use random numbers unless their presence has been considered. No-one likes dying because of what they perceive as an unfair situation.

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