Thursday, 6 May 2010

XBIR: 2176 Supernova Storm

Another 'Asteroids turned into a Deathmatch' game.

Clear signals - controller rumbling a warning each time you're hit.
The skills it seems to mainly test (calculating the correct angle to rotate the ship to to land your shots) is exactly the sort of thing that I don't find massively fun and that computers will always be better at.
The powerups you can collect seem to encourage 'turtling' and are an annoying form of positive feedback.
At many points of the map, with dark bg and dark foreground objects (with only a small rimlight), crashing into rocks or failing to see your ship when it respawns are the rule rather than the exception.

This is the sort of game that I might play for far longer than I ought to - trying to work out what I'm missing. Well, after 22 minutes, I think I can say that if I haven't found the fun yet, the game shouldn't be hiding it so much.

LESSON: Don't add extra elements until the basics work.

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