Saturday, 8 May 2010

XBIR: 360 Mega App Pack HD

'Rumble Massage', calculator, simon game, button masher, 'Fortune teller', calculator, a clock an RNG and a game that you need to buy to try.

In 'Shiatsu' mode, the controller surprisingly good on my belly or back.
I've never understood why someone would want an alarm clock or a calculator on your 360. Considering the time it takes to start the game and other inconveniences, a calculator on a PC (failing a 'real' calculator) seems insurmountably more practical.

I suppose there's a larger question as to whether the concept of a 'rumble massage' is worth buying into. Not really as good as a human hand at massaging the points that matter like the neck, it has its own qualities - namely the frequency of vibration - that are irreproducible by humans. In any case, this isn't the sort of thing I'm personally interested in.

Some things can be surprisingly enjoyable.

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