Tuesday, 11 May 2010

XBIR: A Dreamland Chronicles Game

Pages from a webcomic, navigatable on your TV. Accompanied by a short quiz essentially testing your reading comprehension. Seems almost worthless, given that the comic is freely available online.

The comic itself seems good.
The format seems completely unsuited to displaying the comic. Scott McCloud once mentioned that folk should be making webcomics in landscape orientation to fit a screen better. On a TV with lower resolution, the problem is exarcerbated. The controls to zoom, move and 'quick-move' the page offer nearly all the navigation I could have hoped for (though I would have preferred 'quick move' to jump a screen rather than to the extremities) but in the end, it's still a square peg/round hole.

The fact that this is a free webcomic me wonder if this app was ever really meant to make money or if it was just meant as a marketing exercise to draw people in. In my case, it's been a success at drawing in a new reader.

Maybe not every game is meant to make money?

Or maybe that adapting something to a new medium takes a lot of work and it might even be simpler to rebuild it from the ground up.

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